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FAQ: About the Friends of Joe Albi
Who was Joe Albi
Joe Albi was a lawyer in Spokane who believed that our youth needed sports activities in their lives. He and some other very civic-minded businessmen, over lunch, started the Athletic Round Table with two goals in mind. One- to promote sports, and two to have fun doing it. From this humble beginning, these are some of the things they did. Along with Bing Crosby they raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for orphaned and needy people, built Esmeralda golf course, and Joe Albi Stadium.

Why start the Friends of Joe Albi?
The City of Spokane recently decided to sell Joe Albi Stadium and the surrounding lands for housing development. A few people felt that it was time for them and citizens to collectively express their opinions to the city government through public testimony and a web site.

What do you hope will happen with the stadium area?
We hope the City of Spokane keeps the stadium, develops a sports complex as directed by the voters, and also develop a small park and possibly a community center for the Northwest neighborhood. We are open to your ideas as well.

What is the purpose of the Friends of Joe Albi?
The Friends of Joe Albi work to preserve, maintain, and improve Albi Stadium and surrounding lands for the benefit of Spokane citizens and the region. We support using the acreage for recreational, athletic, and community events and to maintain the open space in the heart of Northwest Spokane for future generations to enjoy and appreciate. We recognize the past efforts of the Athletic Round Table (A-R-T) and appreciate the legacy and gift they gave Spokane


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