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Albi Stadium is located at 4918 W Everett, Spokane, WA. behind the Veterans' Hospital - see 'Location' maps in the Photo Gallery

Those wanting to utilize Joe Albi Stadium for an activity or event should contact the Spokane School District 81 Event Services at 509-354-7348

Go to and then select 'Facility Rental & Events' to inquire about Albi Stadium. Check with them for any Lost & Found items.

Cloudy Day
The Friends of Joe Albi work to preserve, maintain, and improve Albi Stadium and surrounding lands for the benefit of Spokane citizens and the region. We recognize the past efforts of the Athletic Round Table (A-R-T) and appreciate the legacy and gift they gave Spokane.

Thanks to 'My Internet On-Ramp' for their support by hosting this website!

Contact phone for the FOJA (509) 475-4474
The Death of Joe Albi Stadium
I realize now that Joe Albi Stadium will be bulldozed / demolished as a result of a decision by the Spokane City and School District 81 in 2017.  Our choices on the City ballot as to location of a new stadium, downtown or on the original site, is not going to save our beloved stadium.  It is going to be dismantled and buried a few hundred feet from the grave of Joe Albi himself.  Joe died of Lou Gherig's disease at the age of 69.  Albi Stadium, originally named Memorial Stadium, will be about the same age when it goes into the ground.  Construction started on April 26, 1950 and after 4 months the stadium was built.  The cost was just under $500,000 and it had about 35,000 seats.

I do not know how soon the demolition will begin, probably after the current high school football season.  I feel that we should have a Wake or a Party (or several) to celebrate the Life and Times of Albi Stadium.  We should have music, marching bands, a glorious half-time, food and fireworks.  A reunion-themed event could be done.  Perhaps the City of Spokane has plans for the end-of-life event for our stadium.

I am sad.

Who will help me write an obituary for the well-loved Joe Albi Stadium?  The photo of Albi Stadium alone could take up half a page.  Which photo to use?  Perhaps a photo montage ... email

My sadness will mellow with time and with the successes that a downtown stadium will have - but a 4,999-seat stadium is so small ... one seat should be occupied the statue of Joe Albi.

Support our kids, support future kids, support kids and families coming to Spokane for tournaments, remember and celebrate our past and look forward to our collective future.  Thank you Joe Albi, the Athletic Round Table and the countless individuals and organizations for giving Spokane so many memories.

Ballot Measures for 2018
There are two ballot measures at this time that involve Joe Albi Stadium.  An advisory question and a funding package for the Spokane School District 81.

1. Advisory Vote Regarding Location of Spokane Public Schools' Proposed Stadium: This vote has two choices, A) keep Albi Stadium located where it is, by the Merkel Sports Complex or B) demolish Albi Stadium and build a smaller stadium (with non-negotiable size of 5,000 seats) downtown on the North side of the Spokane River.

The Spokesman-Review front page article of 10/21/2018 makes a compelling argument for the downtown location.  It also reveals a long term plan to make the current location obsolete by consistently reducing the parking capacity and thus effectively reduce the capacity of Albi Stadium.

The planning organizations state that the size of any stadium will be only 5,000 seats.  They are adamant about it.  Therefore they are forcing only one option.  Google 'stadium 5000 seats' to see what such a stadium would look like.  They are small.  Note that about 9.000 people attended the WSU Crimson and Gray football game at Albi in 2017 and around 6,000 attended in 2018.  We need a 10,000 seat football/soccer stadium.

2.  Proposition 1 - ... replace or renovate Glover, Sacajawea, Shaw, On Track Academy and Albi Stadium ...

The proposition is full of excellent improvements and needed facilities for Spokane's children and I am voting for Prop 1.  My desire is to see Albi Stadium become a 10,000 to 15,000 seat stadium that is covered.  A covered stadium would provide year-round use and provide a larger performance area than is currently available in other venues.

It has been difficult to attract events that would pack Albi Stadium to its capacity of 30,000+ people.  However numerous events have packed the Arena which holds about 10,000+ people.  It is time to consider down-sizing the stadium to about half its current seating capacity.

Unfortunately the powers that be did not provide a choice of leaving the Stadium at its current configuration and size.  Maintenance is not cheap but the cost of down-sizing or demolition would cover many years of current maintenance.

Whatever decision the voters decide I hope that the plan includes a children's playground on the south end of the current property on Wellesley to serve the children living in the vicinity of the Veterans' Hospital.

The downtown site will benefit the city, sports organizations and the merchants downtown but not necessarily benefit the children of Spokane.  The current site seems more suitable to the needs of our children.

Please be sure to vote and vote informed - vote for the future of Spokane children..
Crimson and Gray - WSU - Aprl 25th 2015 Free Admission - Gates open 11 A.M.
Kids drills on the field - Inflatables for fun! - Autographs - more info at

From WSU Athletics - posted April 22nd and copied here for your convenience -

WSU Week In Spokane, Crimson and Gray Game Rosters Announced

"Washington State football will play its Crimson and Gray Game Saturday, April 25 at 2 p.m. at Joe Albi Stadium in Spokane, Wash. The game will be televised on the Pac-12 Networks.

The Cougars have been split up into two teams and will play a game with a regular scoring format. There will be two regular timed 15-minute quarters, followed by a brief halftime and then two 15-minute quarters that will be a running clock in each. The Crimson team will wear crimson uniforms, the Gray team will wear gray uniforms and quarterbacks will wear white uniforms.

Saturday will be the third and final scrimmage of the spring for the Cougars. WSU will wrap up spring drills Tuesday, April 28 at 2:30 p.m. on Rogers Field and in Martin Stadium.



Source -

Distinguished visitor
What? LC vs Mead football game at Joe Albi Stadium.

Why? to greet Joe Albi's daughter Jaclyn Albi Flaherty and Jaclyn's 2 daughters who are coming in from the East Coast. Jaclyn has not seen the statue of 'Joe Fan' yet so that is where we are going to gather - southwest corner of the stadium.

When? Friday, Sept 7th at 7:30 pm. The game begins at 8:00 pm but we are going to have our get-together between 7:30 pm and 8:00 pm before the game. You could also go to the 5:15 pm game between Mount Spokane and NC and then come over and join us at 7:30.

How much? Game tickets are $6.00 at the door, $4.00 for children (we will look into a group rate if we know how many are attending).

Who? Any relative/friend of the Albi family, also 'Friends of Joe Albi' and supporters of Albi Stadium.

What else? Mayor Hession, if available, will present a Key to the City to Jaclyn.

Questions or suggestions? call Paul H at 475-4474 or Jim at 448-7614.
Albi Complex and Pools Bond
As many of you may know, the Spokane City Council approved a measure to send a 40+ million bond to the people for their decision this Fall. The bond includes about $7 million to add to an existing $4 million to accomplish phase 1 of the Albi Sports & Recreation Complex (5-field lighted softball, 19 new soccer fields of various sizes, a baseball field, skate park, BMX bicycle park, playground, concessions, bathrooms, and paved parking. The bond is great for children! It includes a new pool for the northwest part of town and repairs or replacement of 5 other Spokane pools. All good. but at a cost to the stadium of a significant loss of parking. Also included in the bond is a protective tarp to cover the artificial turf so concerts and other events can be held in Albi Stadium! (about $75,000) We urge Spokane voters to support the bond. Please contact Paul or Jim with any questions. Your moral support has kept us going. The Open House we held last Saturday did cost more than anticipated. Donations of any amount would be appreciated. Write checks to the 'Friends of Joe Albi', 6121 N Buffalo, Spokane, WA 99205. Thanks for being a 'Friend of Joe Albi'! Paul Hyndman for Jim Albi
OPEN HOUSE at ALBI STADIUM! Saturday, Aug 11th from Noon to 7:00 PM About 100 - 120 people stopped by and met with us. Thanks to the Belton Racing Team with their race car #5, CenterPlate for the food, SYSA and Skyhawks for the field games & Tshirts, Kiwanis for Tshirts and support, Clearwater Music (near the Y) for their music and instruments for kids to try, and Councilman Crow for the Phase 1 Albi Complex map and explainations. Although attendance was low, the Open House was successful. Many of the City Council and mayoral candidates saw the stadium up close and were impressed favorably. Several neighbors were supportive of the proposed improvements north of the stadium. We talked with two gentlemen who were interested in holding events at Albi Stadium. We will pursue these opportunities - on would involve an event of 15,000 to 20,000 people. THANKS for YOUR SUPPORT! Jim & Paul
Friends of Joe Albi web site is created!
The Friends of Joe Albi web site was created on September 12, 2005, through the generous hosting by MyInternetOnRamp. This site is still in the stages of construction! We appreciate your patience and suggestions. Please join us in the effort to save the Albi Stadium and surrounding area for sports-related uses.


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