Ballot Measures for 2018
Posted by PaulH on October 20 2018 22:40:39
There are two ballot measures at this time that involve Joe Albi Stadium.  An advisory question and a funding package for the Spokane School District 81.

1. Advisory Vote Regarding Location of Spokane Public Schools' Proposed Stadium: This vote has two choices, A) keep Albi Stadium located where it is, by the Merkel Sports Complex or B) demolish Albi Stadium and build a smaller stadium (with non-negotiable size of 5,000 seats) downtown on the North side of the Spokane River.

The Spokesman-Review front page article of 10/21/2018 makes a compelling argument for the downtown location.  It also reveals a long term plan to make the current location obsolete by consistently reducing the parking capacity and thus effectively reduce the capacity of Albi Stadium.

The planning organizations state that the size of any stadium will be only 5,000 seats.  They are adamant about it.  Therefore they are forcing only one option.  Google 'stadium 5000 seats' to see what such a stadium would look like.  They are small.  Note that about 9.000 people attended the WSU Crimson and Gray football game at Albi in 2017 and around 6,000 attended in 2018.  We need a 10,000 seat football/soccer stadium.

2.  Proposition 1 - ... replace or renovate Glover, Sacajawea, Shaw, On Track Academy and Albi Stadium ...

The proposition is full of excellent improvements and needed facilities for Spokane's children and I am voting for Prop 1.  My desire is to see Albi Stadium become a 10,000 to 15,000 seat stadium that is covered.  A covered stadium would provide year-round use and provide a larger performance area than is currently available in other venues.

It has been difficult to attract events that would pack Albi Stadium to its capacity of 30,000+ people.  However numerous events have packed the Arena which holds about 10,000+ people.  It is time to consider down-sizing the stadium to about half its current seating capacity.

Unfortunately the powers that be did not provide a choice of leaving the Stadium at its current configuration and size.  Maintenance is not cheap but the cost of down-sizing or demolition would cover many years of current maintenance.

Whatever decision the voters decide I hope that the plan includes a children's playground on the south end of the current property on Wellesley to serve the children living in the vicinity of the Veterans' Hospital.

The downtown site will benefit the city, sports organizations and the merchants downtown but not necessarily benefit the children of Spokane.  The current site seems more suitable to the needs of our children.

Please be sure to vote and vote informed - vote for the future of Spokane children..

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