The Death of Joe Albi Stadium
Posted by PaulH on October 30 2018 21:22:35
I realize now that Joe Albi Stadium will be bulldozed / demolished as a result of a decision by the Spokane City and School District 81 in 2017.  Our choices on the City ballot as to location of a new stadium, downtown or on the original site, is not going to save our beloved stadium.  It is going to be dismantled and buried a few hundred feet from the grave of Joe Albi himself.  Joe died of Lou Gherig's disease at the age of 69.  Albi Stadium, originally named Memorial Stadium, will be about the same age when it goes into the ground.  Construction started on April 26, 1950 and after 4 months the stadium was built.  The cost was just under $500,000 and it had about 35,000 seats.

I do not know how soon the demolition will begin, probably after the current high school football season.  I feel that we should have a Wake or a Party (or several) to celebrate the Life and Times of Albi Stadium.  We should have music, marching bands, a glorious half-time, food and fireworks.  A reunion-themed event could be done.  Perhaps the City of Spokane has plans for the end-of-life event for our stadium.

I am sad.

Who will help me write an obituary for the well-loved Joe Albi Stadium?  The photo of Albi Stadium alone could take up half a page.  Which photo to use?  Perhaps a photo montage ... email

My sadness will mellow with time and with the successes that a downtown stadium will have - but a 4,999-seat stadium is so small ... one seat should be occupied the statue of Joe Albi.

Support our kids, support future kids, support kids and families coming to Spokane for tournaments, remember and celebrate our past and look forward to our collective future.  Thank you Joe Albi, the Athletic Round Table and the countless individuals and organizations for giving Spokane so many memories.

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